Will You See Family for Christmas? Four More Things to Try

I shared three ideas for relating to family at Thanksgiving. Here are four more ideas for Christmas extended-family gatherings.

1. Learn something new about your family members and how they relate to each other and to you. Don’t assume you know everything. Be a learner.

2. Pray for them while you are with them. If (when) you start feeling irritable or even angry, use that as a signal for prayer. Try to do this at least once.

3. Say a little less or a little more. If you tend to dominate the conversation, listen a little more. If you sit back and observe, contribute a little more.

4. Have a good time with them.

If you won’t be with family this year, you can try one or more of these by phone. It will be good practice for your next face-to-face visit.

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