Who Supported You On Your Journey into Ministry?

We all have people in our lives who encouraged us along the way to ministry. Who are those people for you?

Last weekend I attended a reunion in San Francisco for my alma mater, Simpson College (now Simpson University). It was more fun that I could have imagined to reconnect with people, in some cases after 30 or more years.

The memories flooding back included the many who encouraged my fledgling call to pastoral ministry, both faculty and fellow students. Simpson is part of a denomination which still does not ordain women. Yet I found support from Bible professors and dorm mates, and I’m grateful. And at the reunion people were thrilled to learn about my ministry and my new book. And I heard wonderful stories about the ministries of others, from Young Life, to inner-city theological education, to long-term local church ministry, to church organ design.

What stories do you have of support along the way?

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