Where Do You Get Energy?

I’ve signed up for a CSA farm again this year. Every week through the season we get a supply of produce from a local farm. I’ve noticed how my energy for cooking has come back. Somehow the bag full of strawberries, rhubarb, lettuce, herbs, zucchini and even fava beans has inspired me. Last Saturday it was a record-breaking 100 degrees, and I still made a fabulous vegetable-and-herb frittata in the morning to serve later in the day. It never fails to amaze me how I can feel too exhausted for one task and completely energized for another. Or too much on the introverted side of my personality to talk with one person, and right out there on my extraverted edge with another. One thing I’m sure of: it’s important to engage in activities which give you energy regularly. Daily is not too often.

What are you doing to renew your energy?

By the way, if it’s hot at your house, take a look at this post from Israel Galindo’s blog.

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