What’s on Your Summer Reading List?

Here are some books I’ve been enjoying this summer:

1. Eleanor: The Years Alone, by Joseph Lash. I’ve written about this book earlier. I finished it and was inspired by ER all the way to the end.
2. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I know, I know, this is number six. I’m a little behind. I’ll be reading seven next.
3. Kinfolks, by Lisa Alther. A memoir about her exploration of her family story. Alther grew up in East Tennessee. One set of grandparents came from Virginia, and the other from New York.She writes about her own learning about her own family, particulary in relation to issues of race.
4. Writing with Power, by Peter Elbow. An older book on writing. His writing process could be used by anyone who needs to write or speak anything.
5. Pyromarketing, by Greg Stielstra. He’s the guy who designed the marketing approach for Purpose-Driven Life. I’m planning in advance on how to get the word out on the book I”m working on, Leading Easier: Sustaining Yourself in Ministry. But it strikes me that his concepts could be used by churches in thinking about outreach.

What’s on your summer list?

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  • IGalindo

    Mostly I’m catching up on journals and periodicals, but I’ve read these (all fiction except for the last one):

    The Nightland, Hotchkins
    The Well at the World’s End, Morris
    The Tale of Murasaki, Dalby
    Melmoth the Wanderer, Maturin
    Signs and Wonders, Bukiet
    The Good Men, Craig
    Made to Stick, Heath & Heath


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