What’s Around the Corner?

Yesterday I was talking with Todd Miller, rector of Trinity Episcopal Church in Newton Centre, Massachusetts. When I asked him how things were going, he said, “I’m just around the corner from having a great time!” We talked about how often that seems to be the case in ministry. He told me that long ago he attended a retreat where the leader, a bishop, said he always felt like he was just this close from really breaking things open with God. Perhaps that is the nature of our relationship with God (given that God is God and we are human beings)

Todd told me he went to a high school in Racine, Wisconsin, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. He said there was hardly a straight hallway in the place. (It’s the Prairie School, and you can see a photo of the outside here). “The intent was to draw you on,” he said. “You couldn’t see all the way down the hallway. It kept you curious about what’s around the bend.”

I’m grateful to Todd for this wonderful image of ministry, and for permission to share our conversation with you. What are you imagining might be around the next bend, in your ministry or your spiritual life?

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