What Gifts Did Your Parents Give You? Part 2

I called my father yesterday for Father’s Day. He is 84 years old and still working 2 days a week, for Enterprise Rent-a-Car. He gave up golf a couple of years ago, but still likes to walk around the course or at the mall. I am grateful for the way he never met a stranger (even though his conversations with them embarrassed me no end as a child). I am grateful for the way he loved his work, for much of his career selling locking systems. Dad didn’t retire until he was 72 and then only stayed home about six months before finding a part-time job. The ability to talk to strangers and a love of work are gifts I have, too. I’ll be travelling on Wednesday to visit my parents for a few days, part of my ongoing research into my connections with my family which shaped me as a person and as a leader. I’m taking my 21-year-old daughter, because I believe connections between the generations are good for everyone.

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