What Do You Want to Do?

How often do you think, What do I want to do? I spent a quiet week at home last week — my husband was on vacation, and we decided to stay home. I tried an experiment with myself Labor Day and another day later in the week. What if I spent a whole day only doing what I wanted to do all day? I’m a list-driven person, and usually I find there’s always one more thing on the list that I ought to do. It was a pleasure to let go of the list.

Here are some things I found myself doing: taking a walk, reading a novel, baking bread, watching a comic video (the brilliant British comedian Eddie Izzard), playing the piano, making dinner. Here’s what I didn’t find myself doing: blogging (obviously…), reading books about church and/or leadership, cleaning the house. I didn’t even find myself heading out to go do something active, except for a walk in my neighborhood.

I’m thinking I don’t have to limit this to a vacation week. Could I do this every day? What about you? Can you ask yourself, at least once a day, What do I want to do?

2 replies on “What Do You Want to Do?

  • Margaret Marcuson

    Thanks, Rebecca. I do think feelings of anger/exasperation/resentment can become a signal to pay attention, and ask some questions. What am I doing that I don’t want to do? What is my thinking about why I’m doing it? And, what do I want to do?

  • Rebecca Maccini

    Interesting question Margaret. After a weekend of running around and doing a lot of responsibilities that didn’t seem to be mine and becoming angry and exasperated about it all, I was challenged by my partner to ask that question of myself. What do I want to do?


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