What Can You See?

This week we had the chance to visit Olympic National Park for the first time. My friend and colleague, Joey Olson, with her husband, Ole, hosted us for our visit. We drove up from Port Angeles, Washington to Hurricane Ridge, about a half-hour drive. It had been foggy but was supposed to clear off. But the fog didn’t actually lift to reveal the mountains until we were back down the mountain. But as we walked along the trail, Joey said: “If it were sunny, I wouldn’t be noticing all these wildflowers.” We spent as much time looking uphill at the flowers than we did looking at the fog.

We saw all kinds of alpine wildflowers, such as this lupine:

I know I can all too easily focus on what’s not there, what’s lacking, what people aren’t doing. This was a good reminder to focus on what is present.

If you’d like to see the view from Hurricane Ridge right now, click here. What can you see today?

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