What Are Your Old Favorite Books?

I’ve gotten rid of a lot of books in recent years. Some books I know I will never read again. Others I know I will never read, period. But there are others I know I will never get rid of, that I keep going back to.

Here are some of them:
All of Edwin Friedman’s books
Wishful Thinking, by Frederick Buechner
The Violence of Love, by Archbishop Oscar Romero
Writing Down the Bones, by Natalie Goldberg
Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen
Pilgrim at Tinker Creek, by Annie Dillard

What are your “must-keep” books?

5 replies on “What Are Your Old Favorite Books?

  • Chuck Booker

    OK, here are my extra-biblical four:

    *Walking With the Wind: A Memoir of the Movement* by John Lewis (w Michael D’Orso)

    *When God Is Silent* by Barbara Brown Taylor

    *Binding the Strong Man: A Political Reading of Mark’s Story of Jesus* by Ched Myers

    *Engaging the Powers: Discernment and Resistance in a World of Domination* by Walter Wink

  • Timothy Dombek

    “God Has A Dream,” by Archbishop Desond Tutu. While it is a fantastic book to read, better still is get the audiobook version and listen to Archbishop Tutu read it aloud himself. Nothing like it in the world. Lovely!


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