Summer Reading, Part 2

Here are five more books (actually, four books and a series of books) I’ve been enjoying this summer.

6. The Village Bride of Beverly Hills, by Kavita Daswani. “Chick lit” with a twist: an Indian bride comes to Los Angeles in an arranged marriage to live with her in-laws, then ends up working for a Hollywood gossip magazine. The detail of her experiences, like her first visit to an American buffet restaurant, is hilarious.
7. Donna Leon mysteries. A master of the genre. Her detective, Guido Brunetti, is Venetian, married to the daughter of an aristocrat who is also a professor of English literature. Moral dilemmas are always at the heart of her work.
8. S. by John Updike. The third in his Scarlet Letter series, about a woman who joins an Eastern-ish cult. A bit dated but as always with Updike masterfully written.
9. Vegetable Love, by Barbara Kafka. Helping me deal with the bounty of our farm produce subscription.
10. Everything is Waiting for You, by David Whyte. I don’t read a lot of poetry, but I find Whyte’s work accessible and evocative.

As the spouse of a librarian, let me remind you that your library welcomes you (and it’s free!).

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