Stay Connected by Getting Away

Have you taken a break from the people you lead at church? Too much togetherness can actually get in the way of ministry relationships. You don’t have enough space to think for yourself, and you can find yourself irritable and easily annoyed. And taking time away from church can give you perspective – both on what you want and on the way others are.

When you are rested enough and calm enough, it’s easier to want to spend time with those you lead in ministry. It’s easier to take their quirks lightly and to be creative about how you want to connect with them.

In the run-up to Easter (especially when it’s early), it can be harder for church leaders to take time away. Those with school-age kids may actually be better off because school vacations and snow days can force a change in the routine. (Of course, togetherness with kids is another matter…)

How might you plan now to build in a little extra time off, even with the demands of extra worship planning and services? Think of it, if you must, as a way to do ministry better.

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