Are you considering this…BEFORE you post?

social media churchWow. Social media is crazy right now. And it reminds me of one key component that most people are bypassing.

Before you spend ANY time (or any more time) on social media, whatever the platform, it’s important to think about your purpose. Remember, your purpose for using social media is not the same as Mark Zuckerberg’s. These companies are in business to make money by getting your attention. You, however, have a different purpose.

Possible purposes for using social media include:

  • To connect with church members and friends to get the word out about events.
  • To create an online conversation with your church community about faith.
  • To connect with younger members of the congregation and wider community.
  • To enhance your online presence in the community.
  • To experiment with any of the above to discern what’s the best direction to go next.
  • To have fun and be personable online.

Being clear about your purpose (and loving that purpose) helps in two ways:

1) It can motivate you to learn some things that might be challenging, if you aren’t already comfortable with social media.

2) It can keep you from spending too much time on it, because you are crystal clear about what gets your attention and what you fly by.

Of course, you may have a couple of purposes, but I recommend you don’t have more than three big reasons. .If you are clear on your short and long-term ministry purpose, make sure your social media purpose fits with it.

You can ask yourself, “Would someone with this (bigger) purpose engage in this social media activity?”

So…what’s your purpose?

How can you use social media to further your purpose?

I can’t wait to see what you create!



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