Social Media For Your Church EBook


This e-book guides you to

  • * Define your church’s purpose to being on social media.
  • * Identify your audience and reach.
  • * Assess which platforms are best for your goals.
  • * Evaluate what type of content to share for the most impact.
  • * Create a plan and calendar for future posts.

You get an insider’s guide to the four most popular platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn) along with a glossary of terms – so you can really make social media work for you!

This 30-page book includes lessons that anyone in leadership at your church can complete. Inside you’ll find the 12  most effective types of posts for churches, a downloadable editorial calendar, and my go-to resources for ongoing social media tips.

The best part? Once you purchase it, you can share it with your entire leadership team.

Grab this opportunity to expand your ministry goals online!

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“The church’s message is more relevant than ever—but the church must get savvy about how and where to proclaim that message now. Fortunately, Margaret Marcuson is uniquely qualified to provide the information and expertise that clergy and church staff need in order to use social media as effectively as possible to advance their mission with today’s generations.”

—The Rev. Peter M. Wallace, executive producer and host, Day1 radio program ( and author of The Passionate Jesus

Get a sneak peek of the book:


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This is your opportunity to expand your ministry goals online!

Only $35

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