Shackleton after a Decade

I first read Caroline Alexander’s book about Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackleton in 1999. I found the story of Shackleton’s expedition riveting. He overcame disaster to bring back all his men alive. I’ve continued to be intrigued by the story, reading, writing and speaking about it — the chapter on leading in a crisis in my book Leaders Who Last, uses his story to talk about church leadership. Last Saturday at the Boston Book Festival, Alexander was on a panel talking about her latest book (on The Iliad). I was able to speak to her briefly afterward, thank her for her book and tell her about my own, and that I referenced both Shackleton and her book in it. She said she, too, thinks that the story applies to far more then exploration.

I still recommend the book: The Endurance: Shackleton’s Legendary Antarctic Expedition, still in print. The writing is clear, and the expedition photos are outstanding. If you need a little inspiration for your leadership, check it out.

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