Seven tips to enjoy ministry in August

Here are seven tips to enjoy these last weeks before the fall ministry deluge.

  1. Take your vacation.
  2. If you’ve had your vacation, do something small but vacation-like every week (or every day!).
  3. Do something every week to plan for 2013-2014. If you’ve made your plans, do something you’ll enjoy to move them forward.
  4. Read a ministry or spirituality book that has been sitting on your shelf forever that you’ve always wanted to read.
  5. Get together with your favorite person in the congregation. See if you can learn something about them you didn’t already know.
  6. Have lunch or coffee with your favorite colleague. Ask them Vern Sanders’ great question, “What do you know that I should know?”
  7. Ask yourself, “What do I want for my ministry this year?” Think of as many options that make you smile as you can. Write them down.

What are you doing to enjoy yourself this month?

3 replies on “Seven tips to enjoy ministry in August

  • Laurie Larson Caesar

    Excellent advice. I think we too often short-change our selves, our friendships, our favorite people in the congregation and give our best to those who are stuck and will never appreciate it. Spaciousness and graciousness with myself always helps my ministry, at every level.

    • Margaret Marcuson

      Great point, Laurie. We need to give attention not only to the most needy.

  • cort bender

    Thanks for sharing this great information with others. Blessings.


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