Peter Steinke on How Do You Get Less Anxious about Church Finance

Peter Steinke made his usual thoughtful remarks on churches, anxiety and money on yesterday’s teleconference. Some highlights for me:

He started this way: “I want to say something positive about anxiety – it can be a motivator, it can help us see that what we’re doing and where we’re going may not be where we should be. It can help us make some changes. The problem with anxiety is when it becomes intense and protracted, then rather than promoting some change, it paralyzes us.”

In anxious times, he said, “The best I can do is remain hopeful, thoughtful and provide a clear direction.”

He suggested that mature motivated leaders, when decisions have to be made about money, behave in this way:

1. They will listen to all different opinions but that doesn’t mean they are going to follow one voice more than the other;
2. Then they have to make a decision – “this is what we have to do and this is why we made the decision we have, and we’re still going to be in mission.”

“More mature leaders don’t give in to the chronically anxious – those who are anxious about anything and everything and let it be known.”

“There’s something about being calm and reflective that has a big impact on a system.”

The recording of the teleconference is available. E-mail me at, and I’ll send you the link.

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