Money at Church: Can You See the Triangles? A Teleconference

Join me this Thursday, April 22, at 9 Pacific/10 Mountain/11Central/12 Eastern Time for a one hour conference call conversation with Elaine Boomer on the topic, “Money at Church: Can You See the Triangles?”

A family therapist in Vienna, Virginia, Elaine Boomer is on the faculty of the Leadership in Ministry workshop and has coached clergy from around the country on ministry issues. She had a ten-year career as a banking executive. Boomer co-authored A Family Genogram Workbook. To register for the teleconference, simply reply to this message, and I’ll send call-in information.

This is the next of a series of conversations with leaders on money and ministry, the topic of my forthcoming book. E-mail me at with your interest, and I’ll send you call-in information. If you can’t make the call, a recording will be available. There is no charge for the teleconference (long-distance charges apply) or the recording.

I hope you can make it Thursday!

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