Ministry Leadership Circle

I know ministry can be lonely and challenging  (especially now).

That’s why I’ve created the Ministry Leadership Circle, to help you move toward a sustainable life in ministry–even in these crazy times.

You can:

  • Find more calm in the face of uncertainty (and anxious church members).
  • Remember what you already know about leadership when you need to know it.
  • Gain tools for dealing with challenge and conflict at church
  • Get encouragement from colleagues outside your usual circle.

Here’s how it works:

Each month we’ll focus on one of these critical aspects of sustainable leadership:

  • Get Clear
  • Stay Connected
  • Keep Calm

Every Monday, you’ll receive an email from me to help you think about your own leadership–something brief but substantive to read, some questions to reflect on, or a short video to watch.

Also, once a month on Tuesday at 11 Pacific/2 Eastern (typically the fourth week) I’ll offer a 30-minute Q&A session on the topic of the month. I’ll record it so you can watch it if you can’t make it or re-watch to review.

Here’s what some participants in the pilot program have said:

“It’s been helpful in dealing with conflict through this time. I have also appreciated what you’ve said about taking care of ourselves–with Covid and all the extra pressures right now, it’s been good to be reminded. I liked the monthly sessions–the input of other people and your responses to them. I learned something every time! I looked forward to the weekly emails and the way they would build on one another. Everything fit together in the program.”  –Rev. Joan Frost, United Methodist, Wisconsin

“Before one council meeting, I was able to remember one of the monthly themes, ‘Keep calm,’ and take a walk beforehand to calm down. I listened to their view, then shared mine, and we were able to make a decent decision.” –Rev. John Schraan, ELCA) 

“I found it really helpful to get the information sent out week by week, more useful than a book sitting on my shelf.  I often found myself thinking, ‘That’s just the message I needed today.’” —Rev. Jeff GibeliusPresbyterian, Pennsylvania

Here’s what it costs:

The cost is just $25 a month, for four thoughtful emails each month PLUS the monthly half-hour Q&A with me (and the recording). The Q&A has the added benefit of connecting with reflective and growth-oriented colleagues.


Pay $50 a month and get a bonus coaching session each quarter (that means you get three months of the membership program AND a coaching session for my single-session coaching rate of $150.)

To get the basic monthly program PLUS a one-on-one coaching session with me every quarter, sign up here:

Or click here to sign up for the base monthly membership subscription: