You may have a higher net worth than Donald Trump


Do you know what your net worth is? No, not that net worth, your personal net worth. Not the dollars you have, but the qualities and results you have developed, and the liabilities you have personally. Here’s how it works: you list your assets and current liabilities in detail. You do this in the areas of being, doing and having (not things, but results you have created in your life).

I don’t know what Donald Trump’s personal net worth might be, but I do know that personal net worth does not depend on financial net worth.

I’ve created this list as part of a course I’m taking, and it’s been valuable. It’s helped me myself see more clearly. I’ve interviewed several friends and family members about this, which has given me feedback on how others see me (which has been both amazing and challenging).

Here are a few of my personal assets and liabilities:



Wise (on a good day)

Loyal to friends and family


Published two books

Fast typist

Having (results)

Many people have read my writing

Two young adult children who live independently



Inflexible sometimes

Judgmental of myself and others (on a bad day


Slow to complete projects and implement new ideas

Eat ice cream secretly (true confessions!)


Have not reached as many people with my message as I would like

Have not maintained relationships with some members of my extended family

I’m committed to increasing my personal net worth.

Want to try it? Take 10 minutes and make a quick list of your being/doing/having assets and liabilities.


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