Leading with Creative Courage: A Workshop in Oak Ridge Tennessee (with music)

I’ll be in Oak Ridge, Tennessee February 20-22 for a Leading with Creative Courage workshop, together with my colleague Jake Morrill. (See Jake’s recent guest post on this blog on what he believes about ministry here.

The workshop will help you develop:

  • a greater sense of direction and purpose in your vocation;
  • greater clarity about what you’re responsible for (and what you aren’t);
  • a more effective approach to conflict;
  • and more energy and clarity for your leadership.


Bonus: sign up for evenings with Ysaye Barnwell of Sweet Honey in the Rock on the evolution of African-American music.

Register or get more info here.

1 replies on “Leading with Creative Courage: A Workshop in Oak Ridge Tennessee (with music)

  • Bogdan Moldoveanu


    My name is Moldovanu Bogdan. I am 24 year old student from Romania. My father, Serban, is a social entrepreneur. 6 years ago he moved from Bucharest to a small village named Ciocanesti close to the capital. This village, like many others in Romania, is laking initiative for activities outside school, quality education for teenagers and is in poverty. Due to people’s lack of action and interest for developing the local community, children have no bright future in such an environment. My father, ever since he moved here, he has engaged in many activities with the locals. He involved the local teenagers in different projects. One of them was to make the first bicycle track that would attract tourists in the area helping the local economy. Another major project in which he engaged local teenagers is the Summer School. He sees education as being the a key factor to a communities evolvement and saviour from poverty. I think it is definitely one of the first conditions to a better life as an educated person can see opportunities and make things happen more easily.
    Being at it’s fourth edition, the Summer School intends to make the children more curious about their environment and raise their desire to get involved in the development of their own community.
    In this Summer School , any volunteer can come and have a workshop with the children. It can be in any subject as long as it is done with enthusiasm and passion. I, personally, know how important courage is in their lives. I wish to have a 5 day workshop with them about this subject. I don’t know yet what the structure of this workshop will be and that is why I am contacting you. I am looking for inspiration in anything I can find. And that is why I am contacting you. I relate my subject to your workshops and I think that I have a lot to learn from you on this subject.
    I am asking for some help on the know-how part. I wish to teach teenagers classes 5-8. I want to deliver my message so that they can apply it in their own lives, wether it is in their personal life, family or community. I am considering doing some games, show them some clips, make courage exercises with them and other.
    Please let me know if you have any time to give me some advice and some ideas on how I can make my workshop as interesting as possible.
    The children of Ciocanesti will be forever grateful of your help regardless of where you are from!

    Best regards!


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