Leadership and Learning

I’ve got a new article on the current issue of Clergy Journal (not online, but check out your closest seminary library) called “Leadership and Learning.” Here’s a brief summary.

1. We need to learn ministry skills, and improve them over a lifetime.
2. Learning skills is not enough: we need to learn how to lead out of who we are. Skill means knowing how to do certain things. Self means knowing how to be yourself when doing them.
3. Many of the best learning opportunities are right in front of us: every ministry encounter is an opportunity to learn about ourselves, and about our congregation.
4. Still, getting away can give us valuable perspective. A spiritual retreat may teach us as much as a seminar. The best events teach us not only skills, but help us learn more about ourselves.

What do you need to learn about ministry this year? How will you make it happen, both in your continuing education time and in your ongoing learning on the spot?

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