James Lamkin on How We Manage Ourselves around Money at Church

James Lamkin offered some valuable insights on self-regulation regarding money in yesterday’s teleconference. Some samples: He talked about “paying attention to being in your own skin and not in anybody else’s head. When I get willful is when I’m on somebody else’s head trying to manipulate them.”

He suggested, if you find yourself getting anxious about money, follow two rules: 1. Breathe and 2. look at your family genogram, since we all learn about money first of all in our families. Before key meetings (for example, if your annual meeting is coming up Sunday, or soon), take an hour of time, and ask the question, “What is my job in that room?” and write it down.

Regarding the importance of paying attention to what has gone on in the past and what is going on in the present, he said, “It is a beautiful thing for the pastor to be a chronicler of what is going on, and an archivist of what has gone on.” It seems to me that’s a very different position from trying to control what is going on. This is particularly important regarding money.

The recording of the teleconference is available. E-mail me at Margaret@margaretmarcuson.com, and I’ll send you the link.

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