Is Your Church Fascinating?

It’s easy for church leaders to lose their sense of humor in January. Winter weather takes its toll. Many churches have annual meetings this month, and finalizing the budgeting and nominating processes can be stressful.

Here’s another approach: what can you learn about your church’s story, past and present? Perhaps annual meeting time can bring out the memories of long-term members. What new perspective can you gain on this unique church you are a part of? Every congregation is fascinating. How can you tease out what it is they do and when? (Asking “why” is rarely useful.) What are the patterns that you see? When we can remain curious about our church’s story, past and present, we will be less likely to become willful, frustrated, or burned out.

Cultivating curiosity about your church might even be better than a trip to the Caribbean. The impact lasts longer. And it’s free!

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