How to Preach about the Economy: A Leadership Adventure Teleconference

How can pastoral leaders address the ongoing economic issues from the pulpit? Please join me this Thursday, June 21at 9 Pacific/10 Mountain/11 Central/noon Eastern Time, for a one hour conference call conversation on preaching about the economy. My guest will be Rev. Matthew Tennant, author of Preaching in Plenty and in Want (Judson, 2011). Tennant is senior pastor of Kilmarnock Baptist Church in Kilmarnock, Virginia. In 2012, he will complete his DPhil at the University of Oxford where he also received his Master of Studies. Tennant holds a Master of Divinity from Baptist Theological Seminary, and an MBA from the University of Alabama. He is the editor of the academic review journal Regent’s Reviews, a researcher with the Centre for Christianity & Culture at the University of Oxford, and a member of the Board of Directors of the North American Paul Tillich Society. A former vice-president at a Chicago brokerage firm, Tennant knows firsthand how economic realities influence both individuals and congregations.

To join the teleconference, e-mail me at with your interest, and I’ll send you call-in information. If you can’t make the call, a recording will be available. There is no charge for the teleconference (long-distance charges apply) or the recording.

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