How to keep going: sustain ministry (and yourself!) through these days

What you can do…

I know ministry can be lonely and challenging–especially now. Over the last six months, I’ve talked with pastors around the US and Canada who say:

“I’m exhausted.”
“I miss the in-person connection with people that kept me going before.”
“Some people aren’t happy with me no matter what I do.”

Join me for: How to keep going: sustain ministry (and yourself!) through these days

A 3-webinar series. Wednesdays, October 21st, October 28th, November 4th at 10 am PT/1 p.m. ET

#1 Get clear: you can have more of what you want than you think–even now
#2 Stay connected: know who to spend your time with and how best to relate to them
#3 Keep calm: Stay cool when you’re on your last nerve

Learn how you can:

  • Discern what you are really responsible for–and what you aren’t.
  • Develop your own stamina.
  • Know yourself more deeply–your strengths and your hot buttons.
  • Work on relationships with key players (And when not to pursue them.)
  • Discern when to let things go and when to take a stand.
  • Decide what to do and not do.
  • Figure out what to do when anxiety spikes (in you and in others).
  • Get some time off (even if you’re the only one who knows the tech).
  • Do what you need to do without burning out.

I’ve been teaching about sustainable ministry to church leaders from at least a dozen denominations for over 20 years. Here’s what one participant said after my last webinar series on financial stewardship in the face of Covid-19:

“Through her helpful thoughts, advice, and questions she offered me an opportunity to get calm, to get clear in my thinking, and to connect with my people so that I can be courageous and brave about our church’s stewardship and finances.”

– Rev. Tom Parker

Here’s what it costs & how it works:

The webinars are $50 for the series, or $20 each.

Even if you can’t make it live, you’ll get the link to the recording. Webinars are delivered via Zoom. Each webinar will be no more than one hour.

Sign up for the full series for $50:

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