How to increase generosity in your church: start with yourself

file0001885635491 (1) Do you want people in your church to be show more generosity? Where can you start? With yourself.

Becoming a more generous person doesn’t guarantee your people will follow, but it’s much easier to lead people where you are willing to go yourself. And it helps to create a sense of sufficiency in yourself which will help you be calmer in your leadership.

Ask yourself, what are the many ways you can cultivate generosity in yourself?

I’m seeking to practice what I preach this Lent by working on generosity daily. I intend to give money away every day.

Here are some ideas I have.

1. Give a 100% tip in a restaurant.
2. Give to my church every week instead of once a month.
3. Give my kids some extra money.
4. Give money to someone on the street who asks for it without worrying what they will do with it.
5. Turn our overflowing penny bowl into dollars and give them away.
6. Take my dad out for lunch or dinner.
7. Decide together with Karl on the international development project we’d like to support and send the money.
8. Seek out a Kickstarter or other crowdfunding project I’d like to support and donate.
9. Give extra money to one or more of the ministries I already support.
10. Give some cash to our neighbor kids.
11. Leave a big tip to the maid in the hotels I’ll be staying in.

I want to be more generous myself, as well as encourage others to do so. What other ideas do you have for me? Or for yourself?

Here’s another post on someone who inspired me by her generosity.

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