How to Become a Saint: An All Saints Day List

Here are my seven factors for sainthood. We Baptists aren’t big on saints — but as a member of the free church tradition, I feel free to make up my own list.

My own pastor, Dr. David Wheeler, likes to use the phrase “senior saint.” Not all seniors are saintly, but those who are make a real contribution. It’s the way I hope to be as I continue to get older.

1. Remember it’s not all about you – it’s about God’s work in the world.
2. Consider the legacy you want to leave to those after you.
3. Love all generations.
4. Laugh at yourself.
5. Don’t be cranky.
6. Treasure the tradition without being a traditionalist.
7. Act your age – be a spiritual grown-up.

Those who live this way are a miraculous presence in their families, churches and communities.

What’s on your list of saintly qualities?

And who are the saints who have touched your lives?

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