How Much Income Would Make You (or Your Church) Feel Secure?

I’ve been reading The Secret Language of Money, by David Krueger. In the first chapter, Krueger offers a money quiz:

1. My current annual income is $____.

2. In order to insure happiness and contentment financially, with no more money problems and worries, my annual income would need to be $_____.

Krueger says, “I have given this quiz to hundreds of people over the years, and in more than nine out of ten cases, people’s answers indicate that their annual income would need to be about twice its current level for them to feel happy and free from money worries.”

Then, he notes that people who find their income doubles still feel like they need twice as much. (This is a great book. I recommend it to help you get more thoughtful about your relationship with money.)

I keep thinking about this. It’s pretty close to true of me. And it certainly indicates what I already know, that it’s not about the money.

I wonder about churches, too. I’m not sure church leaders think they need double the income to make them feel secure. But I bet it’s 25 percent more (an unscientific guess).

What do you think? How much would your church’s income need to increase for you not to worry about it?

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