How Is Your Writing?

On Writing Well is a classic book on writing by William Zinsser. Jill Kelly, my writing coach, blogged about it last month here. I bought it for myself, and I highly recommend it for every pastor — for everyone, really. I’m about halfway through, and I see how much clutter and lack of clarity there is in my own writing — and I have an idea of how to improve. Clear writing is important for leaders, whether you are writing sermons, newsletter articles, blog posts or e-mails. Zinsser’s book will help you improve your writing and assess the writing of others. He’s also entertaining. The book has been in print for over 30 years, with good reason.

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  • Marcy H. Nicholas

    Before I became a pastor, I was an instructor of English at Penn State. Zinsser is a good beginning. But I would highly, highly recommend, Style: Ten Lessons in Clarity and Grace by Joseph Williams. Williams is an update to Zinsser, and explains how sentences and paragraphs work and need to be rewritten.


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