How Do You Nurture Your Own Creativity?

Are you feeling creatively stuck – in the final stages of Advent/Christmas worship planning and execution, in your preaching, in your writing?

Byron Janis, a renowned concert pianist, has a fascinating article in the Wall Street Journal today, “Nurturing Creativity In the Next Generation”. The end of the article intrigued me — he tells the story of a talented student who wasn’t developing artistically as Janis would like. He says, “One day, I happened to ask if she always walked home the same way. ‘Yes,’ she replied. I suggested taking different routes: ‘You’ll make new discoveries. It will be fun.’ Janis goes on, “within a month, I heard signs of the artist emerging.”

When we are facing a time crunch, it can seem counterintuitive to take a walk, drive home a longer way, stare out the window. My own experience confirms Janis’ suggestion that a different perspective can contribute to our work.

What can you do this week to bring you a new point of view? Five minutes can make a difference.

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