How Do You Manage Your Time (and Yourself)?

I’ve been reading Bob Hyatt’s PastorHacks ministry productivity blog. Some of it is way too techie for me, but a number of his posts have to do with plain old self-management. His Sept. 28 post on “9 Things, Pt. 4” addresses how to handle telephone calls. The Sept. 14 post, “9 Things, Pt. 3,” talks about in-person meetings. He talks about the way we often feel mean when we set limits. But when we are able to set appropriate limits, we help both ourselves and others, and we can keep moving toward our ministry goals.

2 replies on “How Do You Manage Your Time (and Yourself)?

  • Margaret Marcuson

    I do have a cell phone, but I don’t answer it all the time. I try to get back to people by the next day. Right now I have 64 e-mails from my last trip. I’m not that free, so I’m going to answer them (especially the ones about my book proposal…). I subscribe to some e-zines, so I need to learn to delete the ones that I don’t have time to read. (Don’t try this with my newsletter: it’s always worth saving!)

  • Israel Galindo

    Here’s one way to manage your time that I’ve found helpful: Don’t get a cell phone. I just got my official government letter designating me as “the last male in America without a cell phone.” That suits me just fine.

    Another hint: when you return from a trip and have 124 e-mails in your inbox, hold down the delete button till they are all gone, then move on to more important tasks. If any e-mail was important enough, the person who sent it will send another (or call you on your cell phone. Oh, wait, you don’t have one anymore, right?).


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