How Do Churches Make Decisions about Money? A Free Teleconference

Please join me next Thursday, September 16, at 9 Pacific/10 Mountain/11 Central/12 Eastern Time, for a one hour conference call conversation on “How Do Churches Make Decisions about Money?” My guest will be Emlyn Ott, Executive Director of Healthy Congregations (founded by Peter Steinke). Ott is an ordained pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and has served as a parish pastor, campus minister, pastoral counselor, leader and seminary professor during the past 20 years.

Churches are facing the necessity of making difficult decisions in today’s ongoing economic roller-coaster. Dr. Ott says, “Sitting with a group of leaders from a community of faith yesterday, I was reminded of words I heard once from a wise parishioner: ‘Instead of thinking about giving until it hurts, what about giving until it feels good?’” She notes, “In making decisions about money in these challenging times, I see a sense of generosity and clarity emerging in decisions regarding money.” She says that some leaders are aware of their own history attached to money and giving, and also the history of their own community. They consider the principles that guide their choices and their leadership in making these necessary decisions.

This is the next of a series of conversations with leaders on money and ministry, the topic of my forthcoming book. E-mail me at with your interest, and I’ll send you call-in information. If you can’t make the call, a recording will be available. There is no charge for the teleconference (long-distance charges apply) or the recording.

I hope you can make it next Thursday!

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