How Are Mainline Churches Doing?

George Barna came out last month with a report looking at the state of mainline Protestant churches.

For church leaders, interesting elements of the report include:
The median age of mainline senior pastors has increased from 48 to 55 in the last decade.
The percentage of mainline senior pastors who are female has risen from 15% to 21% in the last decade.
Compensation levels have risen by 40% in the last decade.
On average, pastors last four years before moving to another congregation, about half the average among non-mainline Protestants.

According to the report summary, Barna identified “the quality of leadership provided, especially regarding vision, creativity, strategic thinking and the courage to take risks — as being the most critical element in determining the future health and growth of mainline congregations.”

Read the full report summary here.

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