Giving up Worry: An Update

So I gave up worry for Lent. (Here’s the original post.) To be honest, I didn’t really give it up completely, but I worried less. I found myself able to notice my worry and let it go quicker. I loved having permission to let things go.

I learned a few years ago that the Lenten discipline traditionally ends after the Maundy Thursday service. Oddly enough, I found myself overtaken on Thursday by worry about some future travel plans to a ridiculous extent.

Still, a 40+ day practice of at least paying attention to my worry and taking it less seriously is progress. How do you take worry less seriously? A friend of mind, Bill Conerly, sent the following suggestion: “One thing that I think would be great: a list of things you’ll worry about after Lent. In fact, that could be a whole great approach; set a time to worry. When you start to worry, put that on the list of things to worry about during your worry time. Then spend 20 minutes a week catching up on all the worrying you’ve set aside.” Thanks, Bill. I’ll give it a try.

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