Financial Stewardship in the Face of Covid-19

What you can do…

Are you wondering how this year will turn out financially for your church? Do you already see a significant shortfall that has you worried? Or do you wonder what will be the long-term budgetary implications of months of  virtual worship?

I’ve been a pastor who has faced some dicey years in the local church (though not as dicey as this one). I know what it’s like to wonder how this year–and even this month–will turn out financially. That’s why I created a new webinar series “Financial Stewardship in the Face of Covid-19: What You Can Do.”

Learn how you can:

  • Become more thoughtful about the financial challenges you and your church face at this time
  • See money–and your own leadership in this area–from a different perspective
  • Bring more calm and creativity to the financial impact of the pandemic
  • Focus on yourself and what you can impact directly rather than worrying about what others might do
  • Reduce your overall stress about the financial future of your congregation
  • Step into the need to ask for money in a time of uncertainty.
  • And perhaps even enjoy the work of stewardship at this time.

This is a series of 3 webinars to help you with your financial stewardship in the face of Covid-19. Each webinar will cover important (and different) information, so try to come to as many as possible:

#1 God, Money and You: A Spirituality of Money for a Pandemic Tuesday, July 14, 10 PT/1 ET

#2 How to Handle a Money Crisis (or Simply the Fear of One) . Thursday, July 16, 11  PT/2 ET

#3 How to Ask for Money (Even in a Pandemic). Wednesday, July 22 12 PT/3 ET

I’ve been teaching about money and ministry to church leaders from at least a dozen denominations for 15 years. Here’s what one denominational leader said after one of my webinars on money:

“Margaret shared practical, helpful ideas on being a stewardship leader in today’s congregations.  Her wisdom and experience provided valuable guidance for pastors looking to strengthen their skills and learn new ones as they lead their churches in ministries of generosity.”

– Stacy Emerson, American Baptist Churches, USA

Here’s what it costs & how it works:

The webinars are $50 for the series, or $20 each.

Even if you can’t make it live, you’ll get the link to the recording. Webinars are delivered via Zoom. Each webinar will be no more than one hour.

Sign up for the full series for $50:

Or sign up for individual webinars: