Many pastors try to help their people view their money from a faith perspective.

Very few succeed.

Will You Be Different?

The Finances and Faith System – is a congregation-wide offering that focuses not on giving, but on how ordinary people can bring prayer into their daily encounters with money.

Now you can help your people make this shift, even if you yourself struggle with your own finances.


If you had a church full of spiritually mature people, then your ministry financial picture would be quite different…

During this program, you will:

  • *Discover the secret of helping people make this shift – you’ll find it much easier once you know this.
  • *Uncover how to help people make this shift in just 29 days.
  • *Learn a proven way to enroll people for the sake of their own growth.
  • *Find out a deceptively simple way to help people reflect on their spending.
  • *Identify a solid strategy for helping people stay on track with their intentions.
  • *Plus you can even get increased giving (even though that’s not the purpose of the program).

Are YOU ready to be the one who helps your people make a big spiritual and financial shift?

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Here’s what others are saying:

“Finances and Faith System provides a thoughtful way to think intentionally about one’s finances and to give thanks for the opportunity to use money for many purposes in our lives. Expressing gratefulness for money flowing in and out of my life for a month was a particular insight that I yielded from the program. Do not look at it as a quick fix to financial stewardship issues in your church, but as a way to explore, using creativity and spiritual disciplines, your relationship to and with money.”
– Rev. Rebecca Maccini, Congregational Christian Church of Franklin, NH

“I found The Finances and Faith Systems really helped our people go deeper in their relationship with their money. It was so valuable, we’re actually going to pull it out again starting in January, since it’s been a couple of years.”
-Rev. David Allred, High Places Community Church, Oak Ridge, TN  

Margaret provides wonderfully helpful insights and suggestions for navigating the sometimes rocky stream of money in the church.
– Rev. Joe Kutter

Ms. Marcuson’s wisdom will not help your congregation get rich quick, but it might help your church deal with habits, challenges, and opportunities in church financial management with discernment, unity, and intentional wisdom that you may not have approached such matters with before.
– Rev. Clint Walker

Margaret Marcuson invites pastors and church leaders to take a step back from our make-a-decision-quick tendencies and discern more deeply how congregations and their leaders deal with money matters.
– Marcia Shetler


Still on the fence? Still not convinced that this is the best way to help your people connect their money with their faith? Then let me sweeten the pot…

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This audio will help you reflect even further on how to help your people with their money and their faith. Plus:

  • *You’ll find out how to pastor your people in relation to their money without going back to seminary.
  • *You’ll learn how to support YOURSELF spiritually so you can sustain yourself.
  • *You’ll learn how the importance of vision to stewardship.
  • *You’ll discover the top stewardship mistake– this will save you loads of time!

And much more. If you ever wanted to go even deeper in your ministry to people with their money, then this recording (and transcript, if you prefer to read) will help.

If you order The Finances and Faith System today, you get “What Does Prayer Have to Do with Money?” free – so act now.

Only $97


If you get people prayerfully in touch with the Scripture in relation to their own financial life, every day for 29 days, big things can happen.


Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!


If you’re unsatisfied for any reason – if this program isn’t everything that I say it is, simply e-mail me at for a full and prompt refund. And just as my way of saying thank you for trying The Finances and Faith System, you can keep “What Does Money Have to Do with Prayer?”