Eight Ways to Be a Better Church Leader around Money

Here are eight qualities of a pastoral leader who is relatively sane and mature around money, who exhibits the qualities that can help navigate almost any challenge or crisis, especially a financial one.

1. Not too attached to outcome
2. Not too attached to what people think of him or her
3. Ability to take a stand for self around salary and other financial matters
4. Able to challenge others to give
5. Has some tolerance for others being upset or angry with him or her
6. Not too anxious about the ups and downs in his or her financial life
7. Able to take responsibility for his or her own finances, to make decisions and manage self around money.
8. Has a sense of humor about money.

Some people have a natural ability in these areas. Most of us do not. Any one of us, however, can develop ourselves in the direction of more flexibility, more clarity, and lowered anxiety. It takes time, and it requires real persistence. But the payoff (emotional as much as financial) is real and valuable, for ourselves and for our congregations – not to mention our families. Leadership around finances is not easy, but it can be at least a bit easier for ourselves and other key leaders around us. We don’t have to let either the ongoing anxiety or the panic of a crisis govern our behavior. We don’t have to allow our responses be determined by the actions of others. There are always options.

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