Eight Reasons Church Leaders Should Talk about Money More

1. According to the gospels, Jesus talked about money and possessions frequently. It seems like it is worthy of more of church leaders’ attention than we give it in our preaching and teaching.

2. People have to deal with money every day. We need to provide more spiritual support for them in their daily lives with money.

3. We need practice. Talking about money makes many church leaders anxious. If we can talk about it more often, we may find ourselves finding it easier to preach, teach and talk about money.

4. People need to learn more about giving. The people who give are those who were taught to give. If we never talk about it, or only during a few brief weeks of the year, how can they learn how to give?

5. The people who get most upset hearing more about money are likely giving little. We don’t need to allow them to determine the level of the conversation.

6. If we preach and teach about money more, we may feel more inclined to align our lives with what we say and become more generous ourselves.

7. If we extend our conversations about money beyond the finance team or board, we’ll expand our sense of what is possible.

8. People are receiving anxious messages about the money from the media. We need to counter this with a message of gratitude and provision, more often than once a year.

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