Edwin Friedman’s Latest Book

Let me commend to you the latest of Edwin Friedman’s writings to be reissued by Church Publishing, The Myth of the Shiksa. The book includes a number of other essays including, “An Interview with the First Family Counselor,” “Secrets and Systems,” and “Metaphors of Salvation,” and a fascinating foreword by Shira Friedman Bogart, “Growing up Friedman.” Many of these were published in article form during Friedman’s lifetime, but they have not been collected in book form before. They show Friedman’s characteristic wit, boldness, and ability to see things at a tangent. Several of them are written from his perspective as a therapist. But church leaders so often work with families that his perspective is radical but tremendously valuable, as in the interview, “Empathy Defeats Therapy.”

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  • Israel Galindo

    I was surprised and delighted to get a review copy in the mail. I read it during a conference trip. Will post a review on the GRACE blog sometime, and likely will review if for a journal. You are right, Margaret, a fun read. His chapter on BFST remains one of the best, I think.


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