Don’t Do These 6 Things When Leading Stewardship

Are you in the middle of stewardship yet? Many church leaders find leading in stewardship a challenge. Here are six things to avoid during your stewardship emphasis, whether it’s now, or in the spring.

1. Don’t apologize. It’s not an imposition to ask people to learn about stewardship and to make a commitment. It’s a contribution to their walk of faith.

2. Don’t ask people to pledge to the budget. Instead, ask them to make their pledge as a response to God’s faithfulness and as an investment in the mission of your church.

3. Don’t try to talk people into giving. Define why giving is important to you, tell your own story, and ask them to give. The emotional freight of the message will be very different.

4. Don’t forget to thank people. The best way is a handwritten note from the pastor, but even a form letter is better than no thank-you.

5. Don’t forget to celebrate the results of the campaign. Even if you don’t meet your goal, faithful members are making a commitment, and that is worth celebrating.

6. Don’t stop talking about money after the campaign. Think of stewardship as a year-round process.

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