Kirk Jones mentioned last week on the teleconference that he stops during the day for what he calls “peace pockets” at 11:00 and 2:00, where he takes a break and perhaps will listen to some music for a time. I’ve been using Phyllis Tickle’s Christmastide : Prayers for Advent through Epiphany. She includes prayers and readings for morning, mid-day, early evening and bedtime. As a Baptist, I find the discipline of written prayers to be valuable. It’s not something I grew up with. And stopping through the day is a real gift.

Yet I must say that I’ve been finding it harder as Advent wears on. The last couple of days I’ve gotten to bedtime and realized that I simply forgot the midday and early evening prayers. A couple of other days I’ve only had time to read the first line or two. But when I do remember and do take the time, it’s a wonderful experience.

Are you taking a break during these Advent days? What are you doing?

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