Do you need help with money at church? My book Money and Your Ministry is out!


I’m delighted to say that my book Money and Your Ministry out this week!

Remember: money does not have to be the hardest thing you do at church

Money and Your Ministry is now available from Amazon in print and for Kindle  

There is an alternative to non-stop fundraising, convincing people to give more – or simply cutting the budget. It’s what you bring to church finances that you already have and not about learning the latest fund-raising technique.

Learn how you can:

  • become more thoughtful about the financial challenges you and you church face
  • see money – and your own leadership strategies — from a different perspective
  • bring more calm and creativity to recurring and unexpected problems in funding ministry
  • concentrate on long-term ministry goals and strategic persistence to get financial support for those goals.
  • focus on yourself and what you can impact directly rather than trying harder to convince others to give more or make different financial decisions
  • enjoy the stewardship process rather than dreading it each year
  • reduce your overall stress about church finance

Praise for Money and Your Ministry:  

“In this extraordinary and unique book, Marcuson has brought clear and straightforward thinking to one of the greatest challenges congregations are facing at this moment.  Calling on years of insight and thoughtfulness, and using examples from across the church, the secrecy, power and mystique of money is drawn away and the true potential of money to be a means of self discovery and greater maturity is revealed.  This book does not leave you where it found you.”

The Rev. Andrew Archie, rector. Church of St Michael and St. George, Clayton, Missouri

“There are many excellent books out there about church financial stewardship and I’ve read most of them.  Money and Your Ministry is one of the finest. You don’t need to purchase a better “stewardship campaign program.”  You don’t need to be anxious about funding your church’s ministry.  You do need this book.”

The Rev. Margaret Lewis, MBA, Director, Center for Career Development and Ministry, Dedham, MA

Order Money and Your Ministry now from Amazon. Get it for Kindle here


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