Do You Have Financial Decisions to Make?

Is your church facing financial decisions? Here are some questions that might be useful as you consider your process.

• What is the question that needs to be decided?
• When does a decision need to be made?
• Who else needs to contribute to this decision? Are we carrying the responsibility we need to as leaders, without anxiously looking for input as a way to avoid making a decision? Or are we hoarding information and the ability to contribute to a solution?
• Are we appropriately balancing the needs of the present with the needs of the future?
• Are we clear on the roles each person and group is playing — pastor, governing board, finance committee – and what those responsibilities entail?
• Are we sharing information appropriately? What do staff, other lay leadership and congregation need to know, and what is the right timing?
• On what assumptions are we basing our decisions? How do we know they are accurate?
• How is our faith informing this decision?

Do you have any questions you would add to this list?

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