A Christmas prayer for you

Christmas prayerIt’s been a pleasure sharing with you my thoughts about church leadership this year–and even more to hear your comments about the places these have resonated and stimulated your thinking.

Here’s a lovely prayer for Christmas services, from The Rev. Bosco Peters, from New Zealand:

God of darkness and silence, you have pierced the quiet of this night by the utterance of your Word in our flesh. May your word of compassion and reconciliation resound in us and through us.

In this holy night angels proclaimed the peace of your unconquered Sun of righteousness. Strengthen all who work for peace and justice.

In this holy night you came to us in a child cradled in a borrowed bed of straw as there was no room in the inn. Open our hearts to the needs of the homeless and the hungry.
In this holy night shepherds and outcasts heard your good news. Give us grace to spread your gospel of joy and liberation.
Click here for the rest of the prayer. May your celebration of Christmas be truly blessed this year, and may you have a peaceful time of rest after. Thank you for your ministry!



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