Can you take a mini-retreat for your ministry?

Are you working “on” your ministry as well as “in” it? My colleague, Vern Sanders, asked me this question last summer. I’ve been thinking about this ever since. Fall is a particularly difficult time to do this. We get so caught up in the busyness, it’s hard to step back to think about what we are doing and why.

John Engel wrote a great article recently for business leaders on taking a personal retreat. He included some outstanding questions here. The first two are: “What are my most important life purposes and goals?” And, “What am I doing that just doesn’t make sense?”

You may not be able to get away for a retreat now. But you may be able to plan now for a winter retreat. Easter is late this year, so it will be easier to fit it in. Even one day away can help you get perspective.

Or, try this: take a few minutes every morning (or evening, if you are a night person) to assess some part of your life and ministry. Ask yourself one of Engel’s questions. Pray about it. Write down your answers. It has more weight if you write it down. My bias is toward writing about important matters like this by hand. It makes a better connection with your brain. This daily time can be a micro-retreat.

What can you do to work “on” your ministry more?


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  • Vern Sanders

    Thanks for the mention, Margaret. Since I was encouraged to turn Fridays into “on” days rather than “in” days, my productivity has grown by leaps and bounds, and I find that I don’t lose touch with the big picture or long-term goals.



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