Can You Do One Thing in 2008?

If you were only going to do one new thing in 2008, what would it be? We can find it easy to draw up a list of grandiose plans for the year: remake our ministry, transform our diet, read all those books, finally, and get organized at last. More and more I’m convinced that simpler is better: pay attention to the moment, notice God’s presence here and now, do the next thing.

In 2007 I decided to write at least three pages at least five days a week. That one thing, the next thing, changed me. I began to think, writers write every day, I’m writing every day: I must be a writer. Now, I’ve been writing articles and papers for ten years. I already was a writer. But now my image of myself is as a writer, and something is different. I’ve been offered a book contract, and I have a draft of a new book…stay tuned. And I’m still writing every day.

What’s the next thing for you?

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