Art and Ministry

Do you use art in your ministry? I like John Beddingfield’s blog. John is the rector of All Soul’s Memorial Church in Washington, DC. He always includes wonderful art in his posts, which are generally the text of his very thoughtful sermons.

I find that looking at art helps gives me a different perspective, even though I’m more of a word person than a visual person. Somehow connecting with the visual arts stimulates my thinking in ways I don’t completely understand.

2 replies on “Art and Ministry

  • Margaret Marcuson

    Thanks, Betsy. Wonderful photos!

    If beauty is such a central part of creation, it can’t simply be an extra, or frivolous. Something in the very center of human beings responds to beauty. We need it.

  • Elizabeth Ritzman

    After a 25 year career as an activist and minister, I have been exploring this new dimension of my call to worship and praise through beauty. I have become rather immersed in this new aspect of my journey, while holding out some reservations of it’s relative worth, another Being vs Doing struggle.

    While photography had been a method of relief and renewal from my work as a pastoral counselor and spiritual care director, I’m learning now to allow it a more central “focus”. In a meditative moment, take a look at and see how I’m doing with this.


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