Are You Looking for Information?

Here’s a resource that my husband, the reference librarian, swears by: It’s not a beautiful site, but it has all kinds of links that can be handy for preaching as well as for daily life. From the King James Version of the Bible to Grey’s Anatomy to airline information to movie reviews to urban legends, Refdesk has it all.

Refdesk includes a “thought of the day.” Here’s today’s, from Marie Curie: “Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood.”

2 replies on “Are You Looking for Information?

  • Margaret Marcuson

    Thanks, Israel, for the thought. As I think about it, perhaps “engaged curiosity” is the stance I seek: looking to understand, while recognizing that not all can be understood. Experiencing while having enough perspective to reflect on the experience.

  • Israel Galindo

    Hmmm. Interesting quote. An alternate sentiment: “Nothing in life can ever really be understood. Life is merely to be experienced–fully.” (Me).


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