Are You “Connecting” through Facebook?

I’ve been exploring Facebook and other social networking sites. It will be fascinating over time to see what kinds of lasting human connections can be made.

Most of my cousins on my mother’s side are on Facebook, and it’s been fun to stay in touch more frequently, and see what they are up to. (Leaving aside the slightly embarrassing photos from my past that have showed up here and there…) I’ve also been in touch with friends from college, which has been a pleasure.

For those of you who have dipped a toe in the social-networking waters, or jumped in completely, what has your experience been? Are you using Facebook to connect with those you lead, with family members, or others? What has that been like?

And if you are on Facebook, send me a friend request!

4 replies on “Are You “Connecting” through Facebook?

  • Rebecca Maccini

    I am also new to facebook. I was visiting the family of my godson whom I hadn’t seen in a couple of years and he was surfing his computer and asked if he could put me as a friend on facebook and I said, “Of course.” So, here I was ushered into this new reality, like many before me, by a twelve year old.

  • Joel Alvis

    I’ve signed up and have a mix of folks with whom I’ve “friended” – from college, seminary as well as church members from the current and previous churches. Combined with the time management piece, it is an exercise is self-definition and self-regulation. Then again I’m still trying to figure out the whole thing!!

  • Dwight Robarts

    Margaret- I do use Facebook to stay in touch with church members, family members and some old friends. I have reconnected with a few friends from high school through FB. I would say that most of the church members and family members who use FB are younger than me. It appears that some people have more time for this than I do. It is kind of fun.


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