7 good reasons to give to your church


Do you know why you give to your church? Here are seven good reasons.

  1. Jesus let go of everything. (See Philippians 2.)
  2. Giving is a way to let go of your money. Letting go is the great spiritual task, and money may be the hardest thing to let go of.
  3. You are rich, considered globally and historically. Check out http://www.givingwhatwecan.org/why-give/how-rich-am-i  if you want to get an idea where you stand globally.
  4. Money, given well, creates capacity. (Thanks to Charlie Collier for this one.) It’s needed for ministry.
  5. You believe in your church’s vision. You give because you want to see the vision become reality.
  6. Giving is a response to all God has given you and to all of us in the wonder of creation.
  7. It’s a spiritual discipline to give regularly. Giving is the best kind of habit.

Thanks to Marty Thurber for asking if I had this list and prompting me to write it.

Why do you give?

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2 replies on “7 good reasons to give to your church

  • Marty Thurber

    Pretty thoughtful even though concise. I’m going to print it out and think about it some and use it for offering calls at church.

    These are non-standard answers and I find that refreshing, makes you think and lets the lights turn on in your brain about the real reasons why it’s healthy for a disciple of Christ to give.


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